Pictures for the Facebook Challenge

Back in November, there was a 7-day challenge on Facebook, “Seven days. Seven black-and-white photos of my life. No explanations,” where people had to share black and white photos of your life. The only rules were that the pictures couldn’t have people in it and you couldn’t explain the pictures.

There is an author, Stacey Longo, who participated in the challenge then wrote a blog post about the pictures she posted. You can find her blog entry here.

I decided to post all the pictures I used in the challenge in this blog post. I will also post ones that never got used. When I decided to do the challenge, I started thinking about what types of pictures I could take.

I took all the photos on my iPhone 8 Plus and changed the color on them through the native photo app on the phone. I did use the Metapho app to strip the meta data off the photos.

The seventh day I posted two pictures. The pictures were of the same object, but I liked both of them. For me, it’s tough to decide what ones to use.

There is one picture I had taken for the challenge that was never used because the turtle pictures took its place. The below picture was taken in Hamden, Connecticut during my travels as a merchandiser and was never processed for the challenge.

I love taking pictures with my phone. Sometimes, I wish there were more reasons to do just that. I love it when these types of events come up.



It has been many months since my last entry. Thank you for being patient.

I love taking pictures. Until now, you probably thought I only took pictures of wildlife. No, I do take pictures of other things as well. One of the things I like to do is go to different comic book and pop culture conventions. The pictures below are some pictures from Super Megafest, Rock & Shock, Rhode Island Comic Con, Terrificon, Connecticut Horrorfest, ConnectiCon, and Northeast Comic Con. The pictures are of different cosplayers at these different conventions. If you want to look at more pictures just search for the different conventions mentioned above on Jason Harris Promotions. There are also other conventions not mentioned above I have attended and taken pictures at. They have all been posted on Jason Harris Promotions.

Snakes on a Trail

Thank you for stopping by. For this entry, I just had to make a reference to the 2006 b-movie goodness that is Snakes on a Plane.

The pictures below were taken with my iPhone 6s Plus. I used the Olloclip Telephoto lens for all the pictures except for one.

These were taken on different parts of the Connecticut Airline Trail.

The Eastern Hognose snake.

Another picture of the Eastern Hognose snake.

A Black Snake.

Another picture of the Black Snake.

Eastern Garter Snake.

Turtles, Turtles, and More Turtles

I absolutely love this picture, which I took with an Olliclip Telephoto lens for my iPhone 6s Plus. I loved it so much I bought a Fracture print of it. There were at least ten turtles to start on this log, but since they are skittish creatures they slid off into the water when they detected my presence.

Here are some other turtle pictures I have taken on my walks on the Airline Trail in Connecticut. A copy of them I used a bottle to show the turtle’s size.

Welcome to my World

I started walking on March 22. I began to walk to lose weight and to feel better. To make sure it stuck, I came up with a plan. A plan to get myself an Apple watch and to have my wife be all for it. My plan included giving up soda for three months and getting my weight down to 230.

My beginning weight was 259.4. I didn’t give up soda until April 11. The reason I waited was because I wanted to get through Super Megafest without any issues.

Once I started walking, I started seeing different wildlife and started posting the pictures on Facebook. An author friend of mine, Tony Tremblay, suggested I create a blog and post them on it. I took his advice and cleaned up an old blog to create this one.

This blog will contain all types of pictures, not just the nature ones I take.